Climbing Guide’s Pack

Ever wonder what’s in a climbing guide’s pack for a day in the mountains? Probably less than you think but with more uses than you can imagine! Here you will find what we like to carry for a day of multi-pitch rock climbing in Virginia, West Virginia, or North Carolina.

Guide pack: Black Diamond Speed 22

Harness: Misty Mountain Cadillac

Helmet: Petzl Meteor 3+

Shoes: Five Ten Huecos

Chalk Bag: Prana

Belay Device: Black Diamond ATC Guide or Kong GIGI

HMS Carabiners: Petzl Attaches (3-5)

Accessory Carabiner: Black Diamond Locking Positron (1-3)

Racking Carabiners: Petzl Ange S (8)

Draws: Petzl Ange L and Fin’ Anneau slings (8-12)

Rack: Black Diamond cams (sizes: .4-3), Metolious (sizes: blue & yellow), Wildcountry Hexes and ABC stoppers.

Prussik cords: Sterling Hollowblock (2)

4’ Nylon Sling; Black Diamond (1-2)

Nut Tool: Metolious


Headlamp: Petzl Tikka

Med Kit: 2-3 people 1-2 days

Energy Bar: Cliff Bar

Hydration Bladder: Platypus Hoser 1.8L

Pocket Knife: SOG

Communications: Cell Phone, VHF Radio, or PLB

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