Self RescueThe Self-Rescue course is for advanced climbers who want to learn the skills it takes to be prepared for anything that could happen on the rocks. You will learn the technical skills and rope work necessary to get everyone to the top, and back to the ground safely. We will start with the basics of single pitch rescue, and advance over the 2 or 3 days of the course. The best way to be safe on the rocks is to prevent accidents from happening in the first place, a large focus in the course will be how to recognize and avoid dangerous situations in the making. After learning the skills needed, students will have the opportunity to put them to the test with mock scenarios. This is the best way to really solidify everything you have learned, and will give you the confidence to act the next time things don’t go as planned at the crag.

Self-Rescue is a 2 or 3 day course format for 1-2 people. In order to get the most experience and retention of skills, a third day is highly recommended for those looking to master these skills.

As with all of our courses, the curriculum can be tailored to fit your needs and wants. We strive to allow ample time for practice and repetition of the skills you will learn on any of our courses.

Skills Taught:

  •  Self-RescueOutdoor climbing hazards and management
  • Common accidents and prevention
  • Review intermediate knots
  • Advanced knots and hitches
  • Belay devices and improvisation
  • Pick offs
  • Lowers
  • Hauls
  • Advanced Rappelling
  • Ascending
  • Load transfers
  • Knot passes
  • Climbing Leave No Trace principles


  • 2+ years outdoor climbing experience
  • Experience as second or lead on traditional climbs
  • Experience climbing in multi-pitch terrain


  • High

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