Trad Leading

Rock Climbing Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah

“Plumb Line 5.10a” LCC, UT

The Trad Leading course is for climbers who wish to ascend from the ground up using only what they have brought to the climb! You will learn the skills necessary to climb, belay a second, clean, and top rope trad climbs. Students will be able to practice placing gear, rope management, building anchors, belaying a second, and falling while being backed up on a top rope system. Guided practice and preparation from this course will set you on track for leading your first trad route.

Trad Leading is a 2 or 3 day course format for 1-4 people. In order to get the most experience and retention of skills, a third day is highly recommended for those looking to accelerate into leading.

As with all of our courses, the curriculum can be tailored to fit your needs and wants. We strive to allow ample time for practice and use of the skills you will learn on any of our courses.

Skills Taught:

  • TradLeading1Climbing area hazards and management
  • Route finding and following
  • Gear placement and evaluation
  • Clipping tactics
  • Rope management
  • How to fall
  • Top belaying
  • Lead belaying
  • Anchor rigging
  • Anchor evaluation
  • Cleaning a route
  • Climbing Leave No Trace principles


  • Outdoor climbing experience


  • Considerable

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*Private courses and guiding are available at any location and date*

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